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Chain Saws
  • Battery Voltage: 40V

  • Bar Length: 14"

  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 11.2 lbs


From $279.99 MSRP

Husqvarna 120i 

Casual Use Saws

These light-duty chainsaws are ideal for homeowners for basic cutting tasks. They're easy to start and operate, ergonomically designed, and equipped with powerful and efficient engines.

  • Cylinder displacement: 50.2 cm³ 

  • Bar length: 20"

  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 11.2 lbs


From $469.99 MSRP

Husqvarna 455 R

All-Round Saws 

These medium-duty chainsaws are versatile and easy to maneuver. Featuring a fuel-efficient X-Torq® engine or powerful electric motor, each of these saws will deliver easy startups and exceptional performance in a variety of cutting applications.

  • Cylinder displacement 88 cm³

  • Bar Length: 20"

  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 14.6 lbs

From $1299.99 MSRP

Husqvarna 390 XP 

Also Available in the Professional Series: 

Husqvarna 372 XP From $979.99 MSRP 

Husqvarna 562 XPG From $849.99 MSRP

Husqvarna 550 XPG From $639.95 MSRP

Professional Saws

Tough, durable and reliable, our professional-duty chainsaws deliver high power and performance. Developed for tree care professionals and skilled landowners, they’re compact and surprisingly lightweight, making your work easier and more efficient.

  • Cylinder displacement 27 cm³

  • Bar Length: 12"

  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 5.95 lbs

From $519.99 MSRP

Husqvarna T525

Top Handle Saws

Lightweight and powerful top handle chainsaws are perfect for tree pruning, shaping and removal. Developed for professional arborists, these low weight and well-balanced saws are super easy to work with.

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